Mairen Hughes, Fitness Instructor


MairenMairen Hughes teaches Boot Camp at Nourish Northwest.

Mairen Hughes is a recent graduate from Portland State University, earning her BS in Health Sciences in Exercise & Fitness. Her studies included exercise physiology, fitness testing and exercise prescription.

Mairen’s career in exercise started after watching the Kona Ironman; she immediately registered for a triathlon in her area and her passion bloomed. She has competed in over 20 races, ranging from triathlons, duathlons, relays, and marathons. She finds her motivation in fellow athletes and trainers who offer encouragement and support to push herself. She has extended this encouragement to others who asked for help with their training only to see them accomplish and exceed in their goals.

During her training, Mairen has focused her attention on functional fitness routines to build endurance, strength and power, while also keeping the muscles lean and burning fat. Functional fitness exercises mimics “real life” moves that keep the heart rate up and the body moving while reducing the risk of injury during everyday activities.

Mairen is always looking for something new to try and appreciates the challenges a sport can offer. She enjoys trail running, swimming, cycling, and rock climbing. She is fun and competitive at heart and shares the enjoyment of exercise with others. She is currently training for her sixth marathon and is seeking to continue her education in sports nutrition and exercise physiology.