The DownFall of New Year’s Resolutions

Post By Lily Gil, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, Nourish Northwest


As we approach the half way point of 2016, there is no better time to reflect on those resolutions we so adamantly promised ourselves we would stick to just six months ago. Yes, I’m talking about the list of New Year’s resolutions. The bullet pointed or sticky-noted declarations of self-improvements we were determined to start, or improve in the year to come.


The list of “sleep more”, “drink only one glass of wine on week nights”, or the favorite, “workout more”.

Here’s the sad truth that you probably deep down already knew, but hoped you would finally prove false. New Year’s resolutions don’t tend to stick. They’re like under-cooked strands of spaghetti thrown against a wall, which I admit I’ve never tried but it does sound like a fun way to test the readiness of your pasta. And guess what? On December 31st, I wrote out my own list of New Year’s Resolutions, and I can’t remember a single one. I was determined that I would practice some major self-restraint and dedication, but I just don’t always have it in me to say no to that perfectly torched crème brûlée doughnut. (I promise this delightful combination of two of my favorite things does exist at the best doughnut place in PDX: Blue Star). I also took a good half dozen other brilliantly unique doughnuts home with me, so there went that.


And this is exactly the problem with resolutions. In those final fleeting moments of the year, we suddenly decide that come January 1, we will be better, healthier, thinner, whatever it is. But, the decision to incorporate more greens, train for that 10 kilometer race, or take Nourish Northwest’s new Yoga Sculpt class, those are all decisions that must be made again and again, even on a daily basis. Making healthy choices requires consistent focus and frequent moments of re-commitment in which we decide to put our health and well-being first. And, they must be decisions that are achievable, so that you can truly, realistically, stick with them (Stay tuned for an upcoming post about SMART Goals).

So, take some time in the next few days to come up with some personal goals that you would like to work towards in the months to come. And begin to work towards them. Slowly and steadily. Take that one extra class this week, or pack a yummy Paula Jahn and Olivia Martino exclusive rice and bean bowl (recipe here). I guarantee, just choosing a few relatively easy modifications or additions to your day, or your week, will prove a lot more manageable.


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