When I told Olivia that my Dr. suggested some extreme dietary restrictions to deal with a number of ongoing health issues, she helped me develop some great meal ideas (including dessert options) within minutes. The fact that she acknowledged my feelings of hopelessness while also maintaining a positive attitude was exactly what I needed in that moment. I know that she brings the same level of devotion and passion to her clients and I cannot recommend her enough! Thanks, Liv!”-Kara

I’m preparing to start a family and I’ve been looking forward to understanding how to eat healthy for pregnancy. I knew what kinds of foods to eat but portion sizes, macros and when to eat has been something I struggle with. I had been looking forward to working with a nutritionist to learn how to eat properly for my body and Nourish Northwest was exactly the experience I was looking for! Olivia was patient and asked great questions to help understand my health and eating patterns at a holistic level. She then helped me to discover how I can do things differently to be the healthiest version of myself to prepare for pregnancy. She was able to catch things in my eating patterns that I didn’t even notice and has given me great guidance on how to eat! She also has some great recipes that she recommends and suggestions on how to incorporate healthy and mindful eating into your lifestyle (no matter how busy you are!) I’m already looking forward to my next appointment, and you should too! She’s easy to work with, kind and extremely intelligent. I highly recommend her for your nutrition needs.”-Brianna

“I subscribe to Nourish NW’s vegan weekly meal service and it has been so incredible! On top of the convenience of not having to meal plan, prep, and cook, I am thrilled with the quality of the meals. The food is fresh and delicious and there is a great variety of dishes. Every week the menu is better than the last. Whether it is -no lie!- the best lasagna I have ever had, or the to-die-for lentil walnut taco wraps with cashew sour cream, or one of the many hearty and gourmet seasonal salads, stews, or soups: Nourish NW always knocks my socks off! The business-owner is so sweet and easy to work with on top of it, from her flexibility regarding delivery days and times, to customizing a plan that suits my needs. You really can’t go wrong with this company.”-Erin

“My girlfriend purchased a private cooking lesson with Olivia for my Christmas present and it was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had in the kitchen. My girlfriend and I have a pretty restrictive diet that usually stops us from making and enjoying most recipes. Olivia managed to create an amazing recipe and meal plan for our experience and we couldn’t be happier! We made the most fantastic kale pesto salmon + shiitake mushroom & butternut squash risotto with homemade cashew cream all gluten free & no dairy! This food was FANTASTIC, we laughed, we learned so many cooking tips, and it was a great way to start the holidays. Olivia is extremely smart, fun, kind and super knowledgeable about creating a lasting healthy relationship with food!”-Sean

“I have brought Nourish Northwest into our corporate wellness program at Columbia Sportswear Company for several lunch and learns and group nutritional cleanses over the last few years. Olivia has several options available for lunch and learn topics, from the basics, to more complex nutritional concepts, but she always breaks the information down so it is easy to understand. She provides a cooking demonstration with each class and is great at answering a variety of questions. She is an expert, and is friendly and a great presenter. We’ve started to offer group nutritional cleanses with Olivia and have had two so far. The feedback I’ve received from employees has been really positive. Nourish Northwest has been a great partner and high quality content provider for our wellness program and I highly recommend Olivia and her team!”-Cassie

“I had the pleasure of working with Olivia for a project at Fulcrum Fitness called Routine Reset.” Part of resetting a routine means taking in new knowledge, and thanks to the wonderful Olivia at Nourish Northwest, we were able to equip our members with sports nutrition knowledge to help them both recover and prepare for their workouts. Olivia gave an excellent crash course in sports nutrition, and kept things engaging for members by answering questions during the presentation and providing helpful formulas to calculate each individual’s nutritional needs. Additionally, she hosted a wonderful cooking demonstration that was fun and informative for those looking to amp up their post workout nutrition. Thanks so much, Olivia!”- Dakayla

“I have attended many of the workshops provided by Olivia at Nourish Northwest & I always walk away with learning something new.  I have incorporated much of what i have learned into my day to day routine & I find myself using the recipes over & over again because they are so wholesome & delicious. My biggest takeaway is that I am more mindful & aware of what I put in my body than I have ever been & I have eliminated most processed foods from my diet. I feel so much healthier & energetic  & I owe it to what I have learned from Olivia & Nourish NW.”- Patty

“I have to say this was an amazing experience.  They say it takes 2 weeks to form a habit and I hope that it true.  I have really completely re-assessed how I approach eating. I have tried so many “middle of the road” & even extreme eating plans over the last couple of years that I was staring to think I would never find a way to approach food that would change how I feel about my body.   Well… that is no longer the case.  So many of the cravings I had are just really gone and to really give me proof that this way of eating is something my body likes I lost 9 pounds.  Now, I am very aware that much of that is because I have so much I need to loose… but what a great affirmation of a way to approach food.  I am going to modify the plan a bit w/ some more animal protein, but I plan on approaching food in this manner (the majority of the time of course) from now on. Thanks so much for all the help and great ideas.” -Blakesly

I purchased one of the fall meal plans. It was a great experience. I do a fair amount of cooking but was hitting some cooking fatigue. Having someone else provide great recipes, a prep plan, and a shopping list was such a nice treat. I felt like I was being taken on a food vacation. What sort of delicious things would I be cooking up today? It included some fun components like snacks and delicious breakfast foods which was beyond my expectations. Highly recommend.”- Liz

“When Covid lockdowns were put into place I needed a whole new physical fitness plan-as, like so many, I frequented yoga studios, strength gyms, etc. to keep my body strong. Liv was able to offer me an amazing home workout routine and virtual support when I needed it the most! I am still utilizing the program she created and I learned so much about what I can do at home to stay fit. Amazing and so worth the cost. Thanks Liv!”- Kate