The Arm Challenge

Post by Paula Jahn, Co-owner and Dietitian at Nourish Northwest

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I love all of our group fitness classes at Nourish Northwest. With my 1 year old with me at work most days, I’m lucky to make it to one class a week. Sure, I chase him around, hold him lots, wear him while walking (sometimes up hills)…all those things provide some level of physical fitness. But, for me, that is not enough planned exercise. I need a structured, planned workout to help keep me on track and motivate me the same way group classes used to. Enter the 30 Day Arm Challenge. A few of my nutrition clients have recently asked me about the 30 day fitness challenge trend. I think they are a simple and non-intimidating way to add more strength training to your current workout routine. There are apps and online programs for everything to push ]ups and planks to abs and squats.

Olivia just became a certified personal trainer, and she is a proponent of at-home workouts, especially of the fast, efficient HIIT variety. Even with the Tabata timer app on my phone, I find it hard to plan and actually do a simple 15-20 minute workout at home. This arm challenge gives me a plan; this blog gives me the motivation. I didn’t do before and after pictures (besides the ones below) because my goal is to get stronger, stay accountable, and complete the challenge.

3 exercises, 30 days.
3 exercises, 30 days.

The plan is simple. Day 1 starts with 6 tricep dips, 4 push ups, and 8 mountain climbers. For descriptions of each of these exercises, look here. Since I am an intermediate exerciser, I will do 2 sets of each. By the last day, I will be doing 2 sets of  12 tricep dips, 12 push ups, and 25 mountain climbers. Wish me luck!

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