Meditation has been proven to ease stress and anxiety, as well as improve eating and sleeping habits.  Join Brittany Sandoval, Certified Chopra Meditation Instructor and Holistic Nutritionist as she shares meditation techniques on site at your company that can help to create a more pleasant work environment.

Stress Management and Meditation In The Workplace

Stress at work can take a toll on your productivity as well as your physical and mental well-being. In this class we will share how meditation and mindfulness help to manage your stress levels, increase creativity, and create better habits. We will also share simple practices that promote relaxation and peace in just a few minutes as well as a group meditation.  Cost: $250

Meditation and Mindful Eating

It seems like every other week there is a new diet to try or a superfood that is going to help you lose weight. In this class, you will learn how meditation can be a great tool for losing weight in a sustainable and lasting way. We will also discuss the importance of trusting your intuition as to what foods work best for you, how to “let go” of dieting, and eat with your whole body for optimal health and well-being. Cost: $250

Stress Management Meditation Series (6 Weeks)

This program is taught in six weekly 1 hour classes. The first session begins with the benefits and basics of meditation. Each week we dive a little deeper into managing your stress levels, finding creativity and improving your overall sense of well-being through different meditation and breathing techniques. Each class will include a group meditation and time to discuss our experiences. By the end of the series, employees will have a greater understanding on the benefits of meditation and the tools to start a regular meditation practice. Cost: $1400 for up to 15 people.


Ongoing Meditation Classes

45 minute weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly meditation classes are offered to employees to promote stress management, increase productivity, enhance creativity, and improve overall well-being in the workplace. Each class will include a group meditation and short discussion. Cost: 12 classes for $2000 (Can be used 1x/mth; 2x/mth or 1x/week)