Kat LeSeuer, Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

Kat believes that healthy should mean delicious, and that working out should be fun. She is a classically trained professional chef, an NFPT certified personal trainer, and is studying to become a fitness nutrition specialist. Though team sports were a part of Kat’s life early on, she struggled to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle during college. After graduating from the University of Iowa, she found herself 20 lbs heavier, unhappy, and unmotivated.

When she arrived in Portland in 2008, she enrolled in culinary school and signed up with a personal trainer, starting what would become a journey to a healthier and happier relationship with exercise and food. These days, when she’s not seeking out adventures with her husband and dogs, you will likely find her in the gym or in the kitchen. She loves to travel, hike, SUP, and eat, and prioritizes experience over calories.

Kat is passionate about helping others who might be struggling to find balance, and wants to show them how food and fitness can enhance their lives. Her motto is to challenge yourself, take pride in strength, find joy in movement, and to fuel your body with healthful, delicious food.