Lily’s HIIT workout

Post by Lily Gil, Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor at Nourish Northwest 10401914_10154262755455483_8473782912066123518_n Fall is certainly upon us, and while I definitely prefer a nice chill in the air to sweltering 90 plus degree days, it can certainly put a damper on those outdoor workouts. I actually prefer running in a fleece sweater with a nice knit headband keeping my ears toasty, and will definitely be trying out Natalie’s recommended fall workout. However, the rain is a-coming, and there’s nothing better than staying indoors, sipping a cup of hot cocoa topped with whipped cream, and watching the rain through the window. BUT WAIT. That perfect evening would be even better following a nice and quick HIIT workout!!! I promise, you won’t regret it, and that cocoa will taste a hundred times more delicious. 

Take out that smartphone or watch and get the timer ready.
Perform each of the following exercises for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and repeat the sequence for a total of 4 times through. Go hard for those 20 seconds!
High knees
Aim to drive your knee up to at least a 90 degree angle, using your arms for momentum. Go for speed!
Cradling your head, keep your elbows wide as you reach towards the opposite knee. Engage your core and press your low back into the mat. Go relatively slow in this exercise, maintaining control.
Squat jumps
Squat down and explode up into the air, bringing your arms up to help drive you up. Land with knees bent in a squat, and repeat, aiming for quick movements.
Mountain climbers
Keep your wrists directly below your shoulders and your gaze between your hands, as you drive your knees one at a time in towards your chest with speed and control.
Rest for 2 minutes, then repeat this entire sequence 1 or 2 more times for a total of 18 or 28 minutes. Be sure to do some stretching afterwards!
Now go enjoy that hot cocoa or pumpkin spice latte and if you’re looking to mix up your routine, I’m here every Tuesday night. 

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