Finding Balance

Post by Olivia Martino, Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer and Owner, Nourish Northwest

I have been thinking about writing this post for awhile because it’s something I think about and struggle with literally every day.  I haven’t had the chance to actually sit down and write for awhile but was inspired by something a personal training client said to me yesterday. Read More

Recipe: Moroccan Stew

Post By Olivia Martino, Registered Dietitian and Owner, Nourish Northwest

Sick of winter soups and stews yet? I have to be honest, I am getting there, but it’s more so the winter part than the soups part that I am sick of.  The cold, the wet, the cancellations, the early darkness… can it really only be February?  And was I really complaining about this in my last blog post a couple of weeks ago?  It looks like I better adjust my attitude because we have a few more months of this to go!  Read More

Weight, Stress and Meditation

Post by Brittany Sandoval, Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Meditation Instructor

Meditation can be a wonderful practice in supporting your weight-loss journey. But let me be clear, this does not mean you can eat all of the cookies and cheese you want, meditate and expect the scale to plummet. What meditation gives you is a deeper sense of awareness. Meditation gives you an understanding of your habits that are serving you and those that may be sabotaging your efforts toward health and happiness. Read More

Recipe Slow Cooker Pumpkin Curry

I think we have all been longing for summer lately; the feeling has been intense for me.  It’s not just the warmth and sunshine I have been craving, although believe me, that does sound incredible. But the thing I miss most is having fresh food from my own garden.  I have been pining for the days when I can pick my dinner ingredients right from outside my house, quickly prepare them in my kitchen and head right back out to the garden to enjoy them.


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Recipe: How to Make Bean Dips

Post by Olivia Martino, Registered Dietitian and Owner, Nourish Northwest

Every week I make a bean dip for one of my personal chef clients.  Similar to the veggie burgers I wrote about in my last post, the possibilities are endless for bean dips and SO easy!  All you really need is 3 things: A bean, a liquid and a flavor. Read More