The Benefits of Meditation

Post By Brittany Sandoval, Nourish Northwest Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Meditation Instructor



Meditation has become a mainstream word these days. It is not just associated with monks in a cave. We are seeing it in corporations, such as Google and Nike. We are seeing it In hospitals and clinics to help with heart disease, cancer, and stress management. It is also a tool used  in hospice care, as a way to help bring peace and ease at the end of life transition.  Instead of sharing the compelling research behind meditation, I want to share some of the benefits I have received as a result of a regular practice. 


Anxiety and Sleep: As an entrepreneur and a modern day human, there seems to be a constant stream of thoughts, feelings, ideas, and emotions running through my head, especially when I want to fall asleep. Not very convenient. Meditation is a tool that has taught me how to bring deep relaxation to my body and mind. It has also shed some light on some unsupportive habits I have been doing before bed such as looking at my phone and eating too late.


Weight, Cravings, and Better Eating Habits: Since I have had a regular meditation practice, I have lost between 15-20lbs. This is not something I necessarily sought out, but was a great added bonus! Meditation has again brought attention to some unhealthy eating habits, such as eating when I’m not hungry and while on the go. Even more so, it has given me the ability to listen and trust my body’s intuition when it comes to what and when to eat.




Less Reactive: I am able to pause and make a more conscious choice instead of reacting in the heat of the moment. I have more patience, understanding, and compassion towards myself and others.


Better Sex: Last but not least, my relationship has become deeper and more intimate. Meditation has decreased the stress in my life, which helps to have better orgasms. I am able to be fully present, less distracted, and more engaged during sex, which has benefited both myself and my husband!


         I could probably go on and on. My life has changed in so many ways since meditating. I am so thankful and grateful to have learned this practice. This past year I was  trained at the Chopra Center to be able to teach meditation to others. The meditation I practice is Primordial Sound Meditation. Primordial Sound Meditation is a Vedic mantra based technique that has been used for thousands of years. Here is a link to learn more about Primordial Sound Meditation.


         Meditation is not about quieting the mind, but connecting to the stillness and silence within. If you can think thoughts, you can meditate.  Please join us for a free Intro to Mediation workshop on August 21st at 4 pm.  Register here to ensure a spot. Following the free workshop I will also be offering a 4 session series, starting September 17th for those who would like to deepen their meditation practice.  You can find out more info at the free class or by reading each individual class description on our schedule here. 

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