Hiking: Latourell Falls

Post by Olivia Martino Blodgett, Personal Trainer and Owner

My husband and I both have Wednesdays off and have decided to try and do something special that day, being as the rest of the week our schedules are really opposite.  This particular Wednesday, we headed out to the gorge with no plan in mind.  Somehow we found ourselves at Latourell Falls and ended up walking the loop trail.It was the perfect time and distance for us, since we weren’t really dressed for a hike and also had our 7 week baby with us.  It always feels so wonderful to hike in the gorge and was especially peaceful on a weekday. Since so many of the trails are still closed as a result of last year’s fire, we are limited on where we can hike.  Luckily, Latourell Falls doesn’t disappoint!  On our way back home, we stopped at one of our favorite breweries, Level, for a beer and some food truck tacos.  What a wonderful fall day!

Hike: Latourell Falls

Date: October 17th, 2018

Hiking Buddy: Matt

Total distaonce: 2.4 miles (loop)

Total elevation gain: 625 feet

Permit required: None

Beer pairing: Level Let’s Play

When you arrive at Latourell Falls, you can basically get one of your best views just steps away from the parking lot. The waterfall and basalt walls covered in bright green moss are stunning!

If you feel like going for a little stroll, you can follow signs for the loop trail.  You will start climbing up and getting most of the hard work out of the way first.  Then you’ll walk along Latourell Creek and eventually get to another waterfall, Upper Latourell Falls. You will cross a footbridge and then start to descend.  Make sure to look out for another view of Latourell Falls on your way down across from a park bench… we almost missed it! You will soon be back at the parking lot, with one last chance to get a photo in front of the gorgeous waterfall.


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