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Guest Post by Abby Bliss White, Yoga Sculpt and Boot Camp Instructor at Nourish Northwest

As a Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer, I love the month of January because HOPE is in the air.  Everyone is finished celebrating the holidays and ready for a fresh new start! Myself included.  I relish the January issues of food and exercise magazines.  It is all about fresh healthy food and new exercise regimes. Many New Year’s resolutions include losing weight, getting in shape and taking better care of yourself. These resolutions start out strong with a new gym membership or dietary cleanse, but right about now we start to lose steam.  It is about week 3 when we realize that we are not going to drop 10lbs in 10 days and that getting in shape is hard work. But, I am here to share a few tips and tools to keep you on track!



1. Journal- Jot down what you eat throughout the day. This can be as simple as writing it down on a sticky note. Being accountable for every little thing that you put in your mouth can be very enlightening. All those little extra bites here and there add up. I find that if I write down what I eat it helps me from reaching for that extra cookie.


2. Water- Yep, I am a water pusher! Drinking your eight glasses of water a day will not only keep you hydrated but will help you lose weight. Try to drink two glasses of cold water at each meal to fill you up and keep you hydrated.


Water bottles encourage frequent drinking!

3. Balance– This is the key to making lasting changes. Be mindful of your body. Take note of how you are feeling. Think of each meal as a new start. If you overindulged at one meal balance out your next meal with something light and nutritious. If you know that you will be eating a rich meal at dinner, balance your breakfast and lunch meals. I recommend eating every 4 hours to take the edge off of hunger. A few of my favorite go-to snacks are:


  • 2% Greek Yogurt topped with Fresh Raspberries and 1 tbsp Walnuts
  • Apple slices sprinkled with Cinnamon and 10 almonds
  • Banana topped with 1 tbsp Almond Butter
  • 2 tbsp Hummus with 15 baby carrots and bell pepper slices


4. Exercise– It is important to move you body in one way or another each day.  The key is to find something that you love to do and that you will inevitably stick with it.  My job as a personal trainer is to give my clients a good workout in a fun and challenging way.  Come try out Bliss Boot Camp, Yoga Sculpt or one of the other great classes at Nourish Northwest.  Building in time for exercise will not only help you cope better with stress on but will help you feel better about yourself and keep you on track with your health and fitness goals.   I encourage everyone to explore, experiment and have fun with different forms of exercise.  If you love to dance, crank up the tunes and jam out.  Taking a nightly constitution is another way to get up and off the couch. Any MOVEMENT is good.

No equipment, no excuses.

Below is my No Excuses 10 Minute Increment Workout that you can do anywhere.

10 minute Cardio Blast


  • 1 minute Jogging in Place
  • 2 minute Jump Rope
  • 1 minute High Knees
  • 2 minutes Jump Rope
  • 1 minute Jumping Jacks
  • 2 minutes Jump Rope
  • 1 minute Burpees


10 minute Sculpt


  • 1 minute squats
  • 1 minutes push-ups
  • 1 minute alternating lunges
  • 1 minute tricep dips
  • 1 minute plank

Do the whole set one more time through for a total of 20 minutes.


5. Breathe– Last but not least, take a moment everyday to slow down, breathe and reflect on what you are grateful for. It is easy to get overwhelmed and lose sight of your health and wellness goals. So taking a moment to slow down, close your eyes and focus on your breathe can provide a much needed respite. Find a comfortable place to sit, close your eyes, and just start focusing on your breathe. Then inhale for four counts, hold at the top for two counts and exhale for four counts. Do this breathing technique 5-10 times and then gently open your eyes and take note of how you are feeling. This simple technique can help you de-stress and put your focus back in check.


I hope some of these techniques will help you stay on track with your 2013 Health and Wellness Goals!


As always, we Nourish Northwest are here to support you.


In Health and Happiness,


Abby Bliss White


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