The End of An Era

Post by Olivia Martino Blodgett, Owner

It is with a heavy heart, that I have to announce the closure of our space on Hawthorne as we enter our eighth year here.  Throughout our time here we have seen a lot of change and growth in Portland and our beloved neighborhood.  Most of this change we saw at an arm’s length but it is now directly affecting us.  We have learned that our building will soon be put on the market and the units will be sold as condos.  We will be vacating this space on June 30th, 2019. 

I will try not to make this post too lengthy as I tend to get very sentimental with things of this nature, but I do want you all, our community, to know how much you have meant to us and how much we will miss you.  When we started creating the plans for this business in 2010, we knew that community was an integral piece.  As we wrote the words into our mission statement (We believe that movement, enjoyment of wholesome, nutritious food and community relationships are essential to optimal health) we had no idea what this community would look like.  Lucky for us, it was you!  We wanted an inviting space where our clients could approach health in a holistic matter; where they could work out, learn how to eat well and feel the support of like-minded people.  We had a lofty goal and we succeeded. And we were built from a foundation of some incredible clients.  Some of you have come and gone and some of you have stuck it out with us the whole time. 

We have also been blessed to have some amazing staff who have been equally passionate about spreading our mission. There have been so many of you throughout the years, you know who you are and we are so glad you were on this journey with us. And although she hasn’t been an owner for a few years, I owe so much of what I have been able to experience with this business to the one who started it all with me, Paula. Paula, I am so grateful for what we built (it’s still hard to believe it actually came to fruition), all of our giggles along the way and our strong friendship throughout our transitions.

Whoever you are, if you have walked in our doors, read our blog posts, liked our instagram photos or followed us in any other way, we thank you.

Nourish Northwest is far from gone but some of our integral pieces will no longer exist.  Some of our most successful branches of our business will be able to continue on without this space.  Personal chef services, corporate wellness and nutrition counseling will continue.  The sad part is that we will no longer be able to offer group fitness and cooking classes.  It will be a struggle to learn how we can still carry on our mission of cultivating a community without this space but we will find a way.  That being said, I will be looking for a office space for my dietitian services.  I would love to join a group of likeminded practitioners in a wellness center or something of the like, so if anyone knows of a good fit, please let me know! I am not certain at this point if I will be continue to offer personal training.  Again, personal cheffing and corporate wellness will continue on and I am looking forward to growing even more in those areas.

In the upcoming months, we ask that you use up any class packages or gift cards.  We will not be able to offer any refunds once we leave this space.  Please let us know what cooking classes you never got the chance to take that you would like to as we plan our last few months of offerings.  Also, look out for a huge “garage sale” in June.  We have a ton of great kitchen and fitness equipment and everything must go!

I simply can’t imagine waking up and not coming here to go to work.  So many hours of blood, sweat (literally!) and tears have gone into creating this space and I have loved every second of it.  This is such a big change but I truly trust that everything will work out as it’s supposed to.  Like I said, Nourish is far from gone!

Thank you all again for your support! Let’s make this a great last few months on Hawthorne!

Much love, 


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